Monday, 12 July 2010

Week 2 is underway.

Hi everyone, hope you had a good weekend in spite of the July rain. From the sounds of things, Saturday night's talent contest was a resounding success, with many contestants managing to impress the suitably high brow judges - 'He Doesn't Need An Alias' Nathan, 'Jenny Holden' and 'Kellyanne Farqhuar' ;) Great coat Nathan and fantastic bling ladies!

Along with all SF'10 participants, The Old Sheriff Court needed a rest after week 1 so the building was closed and all was quiet.

We're now into week 2 of Jerusalem, Court Of Miracles and Norwegian Wood rehearsals. The Glasgow Foundation Course are in their final week and will be performing their efforts of the past fortnight in 2 shows at the New Atheneum at the RSAMD on Saturday at 3pm & 7pm. Get tickets for the shows by clicking here.

Sneaked a look at Court Of Miracles rehearsals at the end of last week in the Gold Room. The opening number is, as they say in true Glaswegian, "a bit of a belter". So things are already starting to come together. Keep it up guys! Below are some images of the cast in full singing swing.