Thursday, 15 July 2010

The show must go on - as if there was any question of it not doing!

It's one thing for the Scottish "summer" to last two weeks. It's another for it to be raining terrentially. But it is absolutely down right rude of it to flood our backstage area!

Scottish Youth Theatre is infamous for it's lack of despondancy and trial in the face of adversity. So this, ladies & gents, is simply a minor hurdle that will have to be overcome. And it will. Things are starting to dry out and get mopped up and it's on with the show. All organisations / individuals that have been called in to help out know that there's the pressing matter of the Summer Festival shows to consider so it's all systems go.
In the meantime, can someone please have a word with the Gods and tell them to give SYT a bit of a break?? Oh, and, some sunshine wouldn't go a miss either!
Attached are some pictures of Norwegian Wood cast and puppets made by their very own creative hands.