Friday, 30 July 2010

Aberdeen Civic Reception - 21 July 2010

Some great, not to mention very professional shots, of the Aberdeen Civic Reception. Love the suit Bruce!

Held at the Town House in Aberdeen, the participants treated everyone to a song and Philip Napier gave a few words about his experiences with SYT over the years. How he manged to narrow it down to a few is a miracle as Phil's been involved with SYT a huge amount! Dignitaries in attendance: Lord Provost Peter Stephen, Cr Len Ironside, Cr Ron Clark, Chief Executive Sue Bruce and Donald Urquhart Head of Housing & Community Safety.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Adventures start tomorrow!

The preview show of Norwegian Wood took place today in the Pink Room. The story of wee Izzy and her baby brother Hamish starts off a in a heart wrenching way but the Reid girls turn things around with their magical ability to tell some fantastic stories from Norway. Get your tickets here.

Being inside the transformed Pink Room really does feel like a mystical woodlands and as the story unfolds, lots of 'special effects' pop up here and there, enhancing the enchanting effect.
Designed for little people, this show is ideal for families and wee brothers and sisters. But the little person inside everyone will no doubt enjoy this unique tale too :)
Images courtesy of Douglas Roberston.

Glasgow Foundation Course by Ruby McKinnell

Summer Festival Participant Ruby McKinnell gives her account of the Glasgow Foundation Course.

"The Glasgow Foundation Course 2010 was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Throughout the two weeks I got to act, sing, dance and play music. It requires hard work but if you put the hard work and determination in, you get back a fantastic 2 weeks full of fun and memorable moments that will stay with me forever. The friends I've made on the this course are amazing! You really do make some friends for life! The final show at the end of the 2 weeks was amazing and I had the time of my life, what is even more rewarding is knowing that you have worked hard for this show over the two weeks and devised it yourself, alongside your fellow participants! It was so sad to leave at the end of the course, but I know I will see everyone again as I will DEFINITELY be returning next year! Thank - you!"

by Ruby McKinnell

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Court of Miracles - run through at Adelaide's

Court of Miracles performed a run through last night in their rehearsal space at Adelaide's on Bath Street.
The show opens with Esmeralda's goat eerily tapping away then abruptly morphs into a rabble of those that inhabit the court - the vagrants and beggars, the poets and gypsies! And from there, the story develops with powerful songs, a gripping plot line and ... well that would be telling. There's something for everyone in this show - a handsome prince, a beautiful gypsy girl, a monster, an evil priest, laughs, tears, romance, singing, dancing and even stilts!

Hope you enjoy the images. Get your tickets by clicking here

Friday, 23 July 2010

Edinburgh Foundation Course - 1 day until show time!

I popped through to Edinburgh today to catch a glimpse of the Foundation Course. Today was all about the cast preparing for their technical run through and getting onto the stage at the Festival Theatre for the first time since the course began.

Staff Kieran, Thom and Elizabeth prepped the group before going into the theatre and everyone studiously took notes. The show, that has been devised by the group, is called The Fountain of Stolen Wishes and this is how the blurb for the programme goes.

Welcome to our park, a park with rules and order. This is a place where you keep off the grass; you don’t run; or play; or let your mind go wild.
This is a place where imagination is patrolled; where the swings don’t swing; where there are no unauthorized picnics and there is no laughter. Here, dreams are hidden deep within a wishing fountain.

Something has to change.

The company has worked for the past two weeks investigating ideas generated by the theme: ‘This is the court of miracles and anything…. even happiness, is possible.’ Our court is a playground, where imagination should have no limits. We hope you enjoy the show.

Let your imagination run wild with this one! Looks and sounds like the impromptu performance at the City Chambers on Tuesday was a good indication of the calibre of this group.

Good luck with the show everyone, it's going to be incredible.

Technical staff get serious

Supervised by in-house health and safety aficionado James Rooney, the technical staff were out in the Old Sheriff Court courtyard yesterday doing some serious manual labour. Looked a tiny bit scary but we mustn't forget these guys are experts so everything was in safe hands. Phew.

Hard hats were a must and the maneuvering and lifting going on didn't look easy. Can't wait to see what these huge pieces of timber will become in the very near future. It's all go at SYT. Too much to photograph / blog about and not enough time!

Now doesn't James suit red?!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Civic Receptions across Scotland

Every year during Summer Festival time, the City Councils of Aberdeen, Edinburgh & Glasgow are kind enough to invite Scottish Youth Theatre participants and staff to their City Chambers to offer words of support as well as some lovely catering.

On Tuesday 21 July, The Lord & Lady Provost of Edinburgh hosted the reception, with the Lord Provost delivering a message of encouragement and an interesting proposal. In return for the buffet provided, the Edinburgh Foundation Course (and Ruby from the Junior Course) were asked to perform a short piece - with only ten minutes rehearsal time! Despite looking ever so slightly petrified, the participants wowed the Lord & Lady Provost and Councillor Cameron Rose, who was also in attendance. Bravo! If that is what they can achieve with such short preparation time, who knows what the performance at the Festival Theatre this Saturday will be like! Associate Director Fraser MacLeod made a reply speech full of gratitude to the City Council of Edinburgh for being so welcoming and also, for their continuing support for the work of SYT. I have some iphone camera photos of this, will see if a bit of tweaking will improve the quality.

Last night, two further Civic Receptions took place in Aberdeen and Glasgow. Associate Director Karen McGrady-Parker travelled to Aberdeen to represent Scottish Youth Theatre at the Aberdeen Civic Reception in the St Nicholas Room at the Town House and to deliver the reply speech to the Lord Provost of Aberdeen, Peter Stephen. Images of this event to follow.

Meanwhile in Glasgow, Summer Festival participants and staff went to the City Chambers where councillors Bailie Clark and Bailie Gibson were present. Bailie Clark's speech was full of admiration and positive messages for Scotland's national youth theatre and Artistic Director Mary McCluskey thanked Glasgow City Council for being one of SYT's most fervent and long standing supporters. The Banqueting Hall was fabulous and from all accounts, the buffet was right on par with the venue.
Will post more images soon.