Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Sun / Rain ... can't keep up!

I started writing this post yesterday morning and the sun was splitting the sky. Things got a bit hectic so didn't manage to complete it & publish, sorry :(

The title was something along the lines "oh what a lovely day, sun, warmth, lovely!" ou get the idea.

And now it's Wednesday. What a difference a day makes. Does anyone else have damp feet?!

Not that the damp weather has put a dampner on the Summer Festival spirit, not possible.

Livvy Lochrie, photography student, came to The Old Sheriff Court to take some rehearsal shots yesterday. She was truly bowled over by wadrobe. "There's SO much vintage in here!" (wait until she sees the giant olive costume...now that's a costume).

Already Livvy's managed to get a plethora of images from Norwegian Wood, Court Of Miracales and ... the first ever shots of Jerusalem: The Song Of Deeds rehearsals. The cast were taking part in a fighting workshop with Carter Ferguson. Serious stuff. This promises to be an epic production. Also, check out Effie Scott playing the clarsach. There have been some beautiful sounds drifting through the office thanks to her talents.

So many images means that SYT should really get a flickr account. Keep your eyes peeled for this, hopefully be up and running by next week.

Will post again later.