Monday, 5 July 2010

Day ONE (insert accent of big brother voice over) -

- In the SYT house!
Not quite, much more creative & far less voyeuristic than daft reality tv, right?

The foyer's buzzing and the sun is shining even although it's a little bit rainy. But there's defniately a cheery excited buzz zooming around the Old Sheriff Court.

At 11am everyone piled into the Brian Cox Studio and Mary delivered her welcome to Summer Festival speech and the staff introduced themselves.

So rehearsals are underway and everyone is settling in. In this blog over the course of the festival we hope that as many participants as possible can contribute. Be that from writing complete posts on their experiences, more detailed entries about the productions coming together and leaving as many comments as possible. Festival playwright Peter Arnott is happy to do a blog interview based on questions participants submit online, so watch this space.

Attached is the artwork for Jerusalem: The Song Of Deeds, The Court of Miracles and Adventures In A Norwegian Wood. You might've noticed! ;)