Friday, 23 July 2010

Edinburgh Foundation Course - 1 day until show time!

I popped through to Edinburgh today to catch a glimpse of the Foundation Course. Today was all about the cast preparing for their technical run through and getting onto the stage at the Festival Theatre for the first time since the course began.

Staff Kieran, Thom and Elizabeth prepped the group before going into the theatre and everyone studiously took notes. The show, that has been devised by the group, is called The Fountain of Stolen Wishes and this is how the blurb for the programme goes.

Welcome to our park, a park with rules and order. This is a place where you keep off the grass; you don’t run; or play; or let your mind go wild.
This is a place where imagination is patrolled; where the swings don’t swing; where there are no unauthorized picnics and there is no laughter. Here, dreams are hidden deep within a wishing fountain.

Something has to change.

The company has worked for the past two weeks investigating ideas generated by the theme: ‘This is the court of miracles and anything…. even happiness, is possible.’ Our court is a playground, where imagination should have no limits. We hope you enjoy the show.

Let your imagination run wild with this one! Looks and sounds like the impromptu performance at the City Chambers on Tuesday was a good indication of the calibre of this group.

Good luck with the show everyone, it's going to be incredible.