Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day Four - wow, already??!

Arrived at SYT Towers this morning to be greeted with our big massive posters that will shortly be going up at the following locations around Glasgow -
George Street
High Street
Wilson Street
130 Trongate
Brunswick Street
Hutcheston Street
72 Clyde Street
56 Osborne Street
Buchanan St/Bath St
216 Bath Street
522 Sauchiehall Street
45 Bridge Street
218 Eglinton Street
Castle Street

- so keep your eyes peeled. Better yet, put your camera phone to good use and feel free to send in snaps of yourself with the Summer Festival artwork in the background. No, seriously! I think this would make a fun photo album!

There are also three around the Old Sheriff Court building (see attached images) courtesy of the lovely James Rooney & Robbie Fraser and there will be two in the Tron Theatre foyer. Soon. They're getting dropped off this evening.

Digital sites - look out for one on Sauchiehall street tomorrow. These are the circular towers dotted around Glasgow.