Friday, 29 July 2011

SF11 guest blog number 9. Kenneth Watt

Hello! (Or should I say "Huzzah!" - an in-show joke),

I'm Kenneth and I play a rather manic and enthusiastic Duke of Edinburgh leader in the three week devised show, "Zombiism", which the 20-strong cast has written and put together over the past week and a bit.

Today has been very productive and stressful - but as Tom and Andrew, our directors, remind us, pain, spit and sweat are our friends - so a lot has been achieved in preperation for our first full run which will start in around twenty minute's time!

The show will involve the audience as Duke of Edinburgh award participants who will be taken through various rooms and settings in the SYT building. Without revealing too much about the storyline, anyone seeing it will experience promenade theatre as never seen before as well as a very unique set - one exciting part is that the audience will be housed in sleeping bags/on logs/camping stools in the camping scene.

So, if you want to be part of an "unforgettable experience," get your tickets for Zombiism now!

Oh yeh - if I was to be played by someone in a movie about me, I'd go for Craig Roberts. He's Welsh, which gives a crackin' accent, and he plays the protaganist in the film of the book "Submarine" which portrays a nerdy, weird teenager: me!