Monday, 1 August 2011

SF11 guest blog number 9. Rory Beaton

Hiya pals,
I'm Rory Beaton and I play Tod in "Prom Night of the Living Dead." Obviously today I am the guest blogger (the best blogger yet!). Yesterday was a day off for "Prom Nighters" after working from last sunday right through until Saturday doing our technical and dress rehearsals. Tod is a comic-book-hero-mad lad. He is also the valedictorian for his year and also a trend setter in style!

We open tonight at the Tron Theatre, which I'm extremely excited about! The whole cast and crew have worked extremely hard on the show and we hope that you enjoy what you see on stage! It has been discussed that a film about my rather exciting(!) life should be made and it is indeed rumoured that Alan Carr will be playing the role of me. I can confirm that sadly these rumours are false and there is no film to be made about me; sad, sad times! Hope to see everyone at "Prom Night"!
Over and out,
Rory B :) x