Thursday, 14 July 2011

SF11 guest blog no.2 Calum Johnston

OK i dont really know how to start this, but i guess by saying that i already have. So yeah, im Calum, im in the show "Born Bad?". I am Billy who is "the wee brother of the Girl who killed" The whole show is about the affect of a killing on each side of the event, the victim's family as well as the Murderers family. Its a very dark play that deals with very deep issues and one where the audiences reaction to it wont be unanimous.

The best part of 5 week so far is slowly seeing the set and music being made. Its all going really well and the music especially gives what we have done alot more energy and makes you feel as if you are in the scene not just performing it. The movement pieces have been alot of fun to do and it gives the show a really energetic start and makes the show start with a bang.

Im really looking forward to when the set an costumes are all done and we can actually have a feel for the space and we can really get into charater. Everyone is putting there full potential into the show so, i feel, its going to be really good. we have already blocked half the show and progressing fast, only a few more chorus things to do and then we are done and can fix small details. Fraser has done really well with what he is doing and with is constant phrase "less is more" he has made the show very stylised and what we have done looks great.

This is a really strange question... Um i dunno who would play me in a film? I've been told that i look like many people; Aaron Johnson is prob a good bet but i look like him so i would play him coz he is older :/ Sid from skins looks like what i used to look like, but again, he is older. But i guess if age is no object Ian McKellen or David Tennent would be my dream actors, maybe they could do a whole Dr who or james bond thing where they change ever so often... I dunno. anyhow i better go or Fraser will kill me :L Bye xx