Monday, 11 March 2013

Review: Family Storytime - Peach Darling

By Rachel Taylor*

A trip to the theatre could teach your child Japanese?
No, I wouldn't have believed it either.
Welcome to another Family Storytime at Scottish Youth Theatre.

“Peach Darling” is a traditional Japanese story of Momotaro, (literally “peach darling”), the child found in a giant peach floating down a river by a woman who was washing clothes. He was then adopted by her and her husband, the “lovebird couple”. By twelve he was the strongest and smartest boy in the village and he went on to defeat Akandoji, the monster who lived on a nearby island and stole treasure from the people in Momotaro’s village.

“Peach Darling” was another example of how Scottish Youth Theatre have mastered the art of truly interactive theatre. Far from occasionally involved a select one or two children, leaving many disappointed as the actors proclaim from on high, every child, as a group helped to tell the story. Songs were sung (to short, familiar, nursery-rhyme type tunes), games were played, adventures were had, dressing up was done and imaginations ran riot.

Family Storytime is perfect for children of several ages (including the big kids!) and the actors are sensitive to any children who are a little nervous or, for example, walk a little slower than the others. A definite must for any family and a solid four stars to this particular event!

*Rachel is a member of SYT's Young Reviewers group. A group of young people who are passionate about performing arts for children and young people. If you want to take part or to find out more, you can email