Monday, 10 December 2012

Review: “Oh Crumbs, Scary Biscuits!”

By Rachel Taylor*

“Oh Crumbs, Scary Biscuits!” is a perfectly balanced blend of the interaction, piz-zazz and imagination that has become a recognisable characteristic of Scottish Youth Theatre productions; and all the classic joy of pantomime!
An intricately balanced performance, the show starts with silence, fantastical costumes and getting the audience dancing. The silence doesn’t last for long though, as the show is chock-full of warmth and friendship from the cast and the audience is carried along into an all-singing, all-dancing (quite literally) fiasco with Hansel and Gretel and their hunt for home.
Some of the show’s content is controlled by the imaginations of the children in the audience – not a select one or two, but every child in the room. The actors bring the audience to pack up their rucksacks, suit up for travelling and be look-outs for the evil witches as they join them on a trek through the woods into, eventually, the enchanted house made of goodies. (A nod, here, to the set designer.)
Songs, chants, rhymes, games and lots of dances pepper the show with interaction and fun, and subtle hints as to the progression of the story draw the kids in (and entertain the bigger kids as they spot them too!).
All too soon, the show wraps to a cheery close with celebratory songs, a reprise of the dance which is (by then) a firm favourite, good triumphing over evil, and every audience member being given a small momento of the show to take away with them.
Heart-warming, seasonal, festive fun for big and little kids alike!

*Rachel is a member of SYT's Young Reviewers group. A group of young people who are passionate about performing arts for children and young people. If you want to take part or to find out more, you can email